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A Thought Preview

After having the dinner with his comrade ..

He went back home
Instantly,  entered the office, grabbed his mobile phone
and went over some short messages , selected one .. and sent it to his friend..

The next day he met his buddy at the cafe.. after they departed ..

Our gentleman reached his house ,  contemplating the notion of having a cruise along with his pal..

He took his mobile .. sent a message to his fellow.. the message says : " Hi Chum !, I suggest that we meet at the marina tomorrow afternoon"

Our guy did not receive any reply from his chap..
The next day.. and just as the meeting time approached ,  he reached  the marina..

 He thought that his partner would come to the site planned ..
He waited for about two hours.. but unfortunately his acquaintance  did not show up..

Finally , he decided to go home .. he was depressed for not receiving any reply from his
He began wondering why his colleague ignored  his invitation ..

Later on, and by a chance , when our guy was scanning his sent sms's , he discovered that the sms he sent to his soul mate were marked " Message Delivery Failure" !

" It is much better to have a clear and positive thoughts about our friends  ,, or at least ,,

find execuses for them" , in other words .. " Not jump into conclusions "

This Article shows an example of using the word "Friend" in Various synonyms

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